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Our aim is to assist singers in developing artistically satisfying, informed and up-to-date interpretations grounded in the classical operatic tradition. In the process of learning and mastering a role, singers develop their craft by working on musical preparation, phonetic transcription, translation, declamation, characterization, style and staging.

Sessions take place in a supportive and respectful atmosphere, with individualized instruction to suit each singer’s needs and goals. The effectiveness of the singer’s performance is enhanced through specific tools that become part of the singer’s artistic resources. In general, we begin with individual sessions followed by partner sessions. After a complete first score reading, and weeks later a session from memory, staging rehearsals follow, and a semi-staged or staged public performance is presented.

Our work can be decisive when:

1.- You need to learn a role

2.- You would like to review a role

3.- You want to try a role on stage and gain the experience and stamina necessary for the rehearsal process and the performances.

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Cast Preparation Workshop Great Opera Moments

Miami, FL. February, 2012


To equip participants with the tools needed to prepare for professional level auditions through comprehensive training that includes technical, musical, stylistic, diction, psychological role preparation and elements of artistic representation, among others.

Ability to memorize music and text quickly -Time commitment -Individual practice time required.

Our work can be decisive when:

1.- Selecting repertoire according to the voice.

2.- Working on all aspects to prepare the arias for auditions

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Preparation for auditions Great Opera Moments

Fort Lauderdale, FL. 2012




An opera appreciation program for children. In this program children are introduced to opera in a familiar context through fragments of funny operas such as: the Barber of Seville, the Magic Flute, Hansel and Gretel, Cenerentola, among others, thus developing aesthetic thought.

In each presentation children have the opportunity to interact with the singers, in a conversation in which the singers address the basic notions about the different types of voices and other basic components of this genre that combines different artistic disciplines: music, singing, poetry, drama, dance, sculpture, among other arts.

This program is presented in the auditoriums of elementary schools and in the context of cultural enrichment summer courses.


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MOZ-art program at South Miami Dade Cultural Arts Center
Miami, FL, March, 2014


To generate social connections across different age groups and bring about personal fulfillment for senior citizens through active participation in opera performances.

This initiative will focus on training and integrating senior citizens as performers, designers, and technicians in opera performances, stimulating interaction with performers of different age groups, both professionals and students.

Participants will be engaged in classes, rehearsals, performances, professional workshops, coaching and counseling. Besides the artistic growth, through active interactions, communication and self-expression, participants will create new social connections, resulting in increased well-being and greater quality of life.


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Stage Preparation Great Opera Moments

Aventura, FL. April, 2012